Animation and Video

I clearly remember, when I was 6 or 7, seeing a video showing how Ray Harryhausen animated the skeleton army for Jason and the Argonauts and realising that, what seemed like magic before, was something that I could do. I have had a lifelong love of animation ever since. I always try to bring movement into all my work, whether it is illustrating a learning module or building a user interface. Below you'll find some examples.

Training Room Redesign Concept

I was asked by my manager to create an image to illustrate a concept he had for a redesign of one of the training rooms to include in a presentation. I went one better and gave him a video.

Showreel / Calling Card

When a few senior managers left the company I was working for to set up Tesco Bank, I produced a version of this calling card promoting my whole team and speculatively sent it to them in case they were still looking for a team of Instructional Designers...We never heard back!

The whole thing was produced in Flash and was only converted to video in After Effects a few years later so I could edit the text and upload here.

Yes, I regret choosing the Papyrus font!

Short Animations

As well as Ray Harryhausen, one of my biggest influences is the early Monty Python animations of Terry Gilliam. Occasionally, I like to slice up photos I've taken and bring them to life the way he used to.

Assorted Videos

Many of the corporate videos I've produced can't be shown on my portfolio because they are only for internal use, but here are a few examples I am allowed to show, as well as personal videos